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The jury’s verdict is in: former President Trump is found guilty of all 34 indictments. Basically, he was found guilty of falsifying 34 documents to hide the true purpose of the payment to Stormy Daniels and, maybe, Karen McNichols. The part that I don’t understand, that I heard on Fox, is that the prosecution had to find some creative wrongdoing to change the charges from what is usually a misdemeanor to a criminal felony. My hat is off to the prosecution but we better enjoy it until the verdict is appealed and the creative charges get thrown out. Moreover, again based on Fox reporting, the judge never instructed the jury to consider the prosecution’s elevation of the charges to a felony, which again is a no-no in our criminal system. You can surmise that I don’t know what the creative bit did to elevate it all to a felony.

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Artificial Intelligence

There has been lately a lot of discussion about AI and the safety of it. The Terminator movies are often cited as example of what could go wrong. I watched a YouTube reel of the demo for ChatGPT4o – a human verbal program created by OpenAI. The demo was shocking because one would swear the program was flirting with the three panelists who were asking the AI questions. The old expression used to be that when trouble was brewing to “Cherchez la femme.” – look for the woman. The new expression is now, “Cherchez la femme AI.