About the Bourbon and Sense Website

This website was created to give my friends and me an excuse to taste some Bourbon, share the experience, and try to bring some common sense to the craziness evident in US politics. We're hoping that drinking a bit of Bourbon will provide balance to all sides of the story. We want to look at all sides because some very smart people are creating and passing on these conspiracies. People on all sides of issues are angry. Why and what's going on? Are they right?

A reader comments page is now available to hear what readers think of the month's choice of Bourbon and any political, cultural, philosophical, viewpoints.

Now available: a page to vote for your favorite bourbon from those we have reviewed. Multiple choice allowed; dislikes can be indicated too.

Comments, Complaints, Compliments - Email contact dfrz04@bourbonsense.com

Please enjoy and think clearly (a shot of Bourbon should do the trick)