Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

April 2024 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

April 2024 Bywater Bourbon

Bywater Bourbon

Aroma: Bywater Bourbon is all alcohol to my nose.

Taste: Spicy. I think the high alcohol content does that, or maybe the southern heat.

Appearance: heads to the darkish side of yellow-red.

Finish: Spicy continues all the way through.

Story of: distilled in New Orleans which supposedly gives it its unique taste.

One Nation Under Sport

March Madness

You have to admire the USA: simultaneous sporting events of Men and Women college basketball, professional basketball, baseball season starts, hockey playoffs, and, if all that is not enough, Rugby games and classic Football on television. Is all this sport the secret to staying a unified nation or does it divide us into ever-smaller tribes of fans? How do people have time to watch all these games, bet on them, take their kids to their own games and, oh yeah, work?

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Gaza News

World Central Kitchen Deaths

No one really believes the Israeli Defense Force when it apologizes for killing 7 aid workers from the World Central Kitchen organization. The military says it was an accidental targeting of the three-car convoy. The WCF says they were coordinating their travel in Gaza with the IDF. Who to believe?

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