Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

August Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

BSB 103 Bourbon Whiskey

Brown Sugar Bourbon 103

Aroma: Extraordinarily strong aroma of cinnamon and brown sugar. At 103 proof the alcohol scent is certainly detectable but not as strong as you might expect. For me the scent reminds me of the pancakes and oatmeal I make for me and the family. Hmm, I might have to add a little to the batter and hot cereal next time.

Taste: The taste closely mirrors the aroma of cinnamon and brown sugar. For those who live in a part of the country that has seasons, it is reminiscent of a fall or winter day. It would be a perfect addition to hot toddies or eggnog. The alcohol burn is minimal, especially for a bourbon of 103 proof.

Appearance: The appearance is a very pleasing golden amber color. Not nearly as dark as my go-to bourbons, Wild Turkey 101 and Ezra Brooks 90.

Finish: BSB103 has a long finish. It leaves the mouth coated with a syrupy feeling as though you took a swig of pancake syrup. So although this bourbon is pleasant enough, I am not a fan of flavored liquors I think I’ll let this one sit in the cabinet until eggnog season. Wild Turkey here I come.

Story of: Brown Sugar Bourbon (BSB) is distilled by Heritage Distilling in Washington State. The distillery has been in operation for a little over ten years. BSB103 is the big brother to BSB which is 60 proof. The brand has become wildly popular. So much so it has been recently purchased by Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx.

Talking Sense

What are the Data?

From the Associated Press, data from the month of May: 1200 infections were in vaccinated people (called breakthrough infections) out of 107,000 hospitalizations for the COVID 19 virus. That is a proportion of 1.1% of infections were in people who had received the vaccine. 150 deaths out of 18,000 deaths in the month were in vaccinated people or a percentage of .8%. If numbers exist for the globe, I would expect to see similar results: vaccinated people can get the virus but they succumb at a very much lower rate and die at even a lower rate as compared to unvaccinated people. Please get vaccinated.

From the same data, the death rate for the vaccinated appears to be 150 divided 1200 equal to 12.5%. The death rate for the unvaccinated is (18000-150) divided by (107000-1200), equal to 16.9%. I interpret those numbers to say that if you are vaccinated and still catch the virus with sufficient seriousness that you are hospitalized, you have a lower chance of dying than if you are unvaccinated. Maybe I should calculate based on the total population of hospitalized, and then the numbers would be .14% and 16.7%. With either way of thinking about it, the data says: vaccinated people catch and die from COVID 19 at a much lower proportion than unvaccinated people.

Please get vaccinated.

More Talking Sense

The House Select Committee investigation into the January 6 Capitol Assault

has gone quiet since the opening day testimony by the four Capitol Police Officers. Unfortunately, two of the committee members were not accepted by the House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and so Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, has withdrew his support of the investigation and many Republicans have joined him. I can understand why Congressman Pelosi would deny the two men membership: they were stridently vocal against the investigation and spewed out more lies about what really happened – before any testimony had occurred. I watched an ABC News interview (July 27) with Congressman Hice who immediately called the committee partisan, that they would arrive at the answers that Nancy Pelosi was after. I have to admit, it sure looks that way. I think it would have been better to put the two naysayers on the committee and let them defend their opinions. Keeping them off the committee has done greater harm than including them.


Give me Liberty or give me death!

Did Patrick Henry foresee the likes of the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, when he uttered those words? Is murder by an enemy you can’t see but can easily beat worth the single-minded pursuit of Freedom? How many deaths will be on the Governor’’s conscience because he is stopping schools from requiring masks of everyone: vaccinated and unvaccinated? Florida statistics in the past month: 12,000 hospitalizations, 22,000 new cases and 199 deaths for a rate of 1.6%. What will happen when all the children and teachers return to the classroom with less than complete security of masks and vaccines? Deaths will increase and particularly among children. Are we really threatening people’’s freedom by requiring them to wear masks? Why not end the requirement to wear seat belts, or stop at red lights, or pay your taxes? Well, I might support that last one.


A History Lesson

I was on the final hundred pages of volume 3, The Civil War – Red River to Appomattox , by Shelby Foote when I read about Robert E Lee’’s decision with regard to his Northern Army of Virginia. Lee had summoned his generals to give their opinion on surrender. The elder men said the “…the situation speaks for itself.” The younger Brigadier Generals disagreed and proposed that troops “…take to the woods, individually and in small groups under orders to report to the governors of their respective states.” Their belief was that two thirds could avoid capture and could gather to fight again. Lee responded, “We must consider its effect on the country as a whole. Already it is demoralized by four years of war. If I took your advice, the men would be without rations and under no control of officers. They would be compelled to rob and steal in order to live. They would become mere bands of marauders, and the enemy’s cavalry would pursue them and overrun many sections they may never have occasion to visit. We would bring on a state of affairs it would take the country years to recover from. And as for myself …. the only dignified course for me would be to go to General Grant and surrender myself and take the consequences of my acts.” [page 942]

Robert E Lee saw that the welfare and future of the United States depended on his actions in the moment and he chose to do the right thing. Despite leading the rebellion for four years, when the time came, he thought of Country instead of himself. We need more leaders like him.