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August 2022 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Black Ridge Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Black Ridge Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Aroma: It is the smell of alcohol but not as overpowering as some boubons.

Taste: Black Ridge 10 Year Straight Kentucky Bourbon: First sip is sweet at the tip and top of the tongue but the sides detect a bitterness that remains to finish.

Appearance: Dull, amber color that doesn't impress.

Finish: Slight bitter taste remains on the sides of the tongue. Despite the 90 proof, the alcohol taste is not overwhelming.

Story of: I did not find a website associated with Black Ridge and back of the bottle label is pure story-telling..


Bussing Migrants

A friend of mine, more right than center, was explaining to me the current situation with the bussing of migrants to cities such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New York City. The story is that the mayors of those cites (sanctuary cities?) didn’t want people bussed from the US - Mexico border up to their city. Of course, the mayors of the southern border don’t want the whole responsibility to care for these people on their taxpayer shoulders. I wouldn’t either. What is the real story?. carried the story from the red point of view. Bussing people seems to have been Texas Governor Abbot’s attempt to wake up Washington as to the problem. One hundred twenty-five buses have been sent since April, 4300 migrants now filling up homeless shelters. The mayor of D.C., Muriel Bowser, admits it’s a problem but says Texas is tricking the migrants into getting on the buses when, in reality, all have different final destinations. I guess the implication is the impact would be lessened with all the migrants spread about. covered the same story by reporting that Ms. Bowser requested the White House to call out the National Guard to provide help and shelter to the migrants. Volunteer organizations and the White House said military help was unnecessary, that the organizations could provide the aid to migrants to help them travel to their final destination. That Ms. Bowser’s request is playing into Republican Governors’ hands to use “desperate migrants as political tools.”

Although the bussing of migrants and the protests that this is just mean politics, are both reprehensible, I have to go with the right on this one. I think the Biden Administration have unfairly saddled the southern states with this problem through lack of a strategy for migration. The President was too quick to open the borders.

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Not Fake News

January 6th National Guard Story

Former President Trump keeps telegramming his assertion for the committee to look into his request to send the National Guard on January 6th. This would alleviate some of the pressure that he didn’t do anything the 187 minutes during the capitol attack. Reuters reported on May 12, 2021 that the House Oversight and Reform Committee investigated these claims (since resurrected) in effort to understand how to avoid similar events. Christopher Miller, former acting Defense Secretary told the panel that he had explained to Trump on January 3rd, saying that use of the National Guard would be perceived as a military coup or that martial law was being enforced, and therefore not advisable. Trump asked him to “do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights.” Trump made it clear that he was meaning the National Guard when he asked Miller whether the D.C. Mayor had requested national Guard troops for the January 6 events.

In other reporting (, it turns out that the D.C. Mayor had requested unarmed National Guard; that Trump had delegated his authority on this matter to the secretary of defense (Miller); and that Miller had approved that request on January 4, 2021. There is another story within the Bulwark article about Miller’s depiction of the facts while on Fox News: claims that Trump ordered 10,000 and in other interviews, 20,000 troops, depicting Trump to having properly performed his duties for the Capitol insurrection. Then Miller denies it all while under oath testifying to the two committees. What is a person to believe?

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State Treasurers Unite!

I read an article in today’s New York Times, “How Republicans Are Weaponizing Public Office Against Climate Action.” The piece describes the banding together of 24 State Treasurers to organize against those companies who are fighting climate change. They are using the power of their position to boycott investment and contracting of companies who are trying to be more green: Companies who appear against fossil fuels and who are trying to reduce greenhouse gases. For example, the treasurer of West Virginia announced that Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Well Fargo would be banned from government contracts in that state because they are reducing bank investments in coal. Another example of these treasurers flexing their muscles is the removal of $700 million from BlackRock Investment Company by Louisiana and Arkansas. The reason: the company is “too focused on environmental issues.” The article goes on with more examples of the State Treasurers’ push back against the private sector’s wokeness, but suffice it to say, there will be blood.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a comparison of weather as a child and weather now? First snow before Thanksgiving, summers without air conditioning and use just big fans, floods and droughts few but memorable, wild fire season shorter than now. Instead of trying to stop climate actions, treasurers and Republicans should get onboard and give the laws some commonsense where needed. It is obvious that something is happening to the world’s climate, it’s obvious we are pouring millions of tons per day of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases; and that can’t be good. Let’s work together as Americans to fix it.

Oh, by the way, Kentucky is one of the states that “have taken concrete steps to push back against the work capitalists who are trying to destroy our energy industries.”

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Do the Right Thing

Congress Majority Leader Travels to Taiwan

In hindsight, Nancy Pelosi made the right call to go to Taiwan and show US support for the island nation. I didn’t think so before she went, rather believing we shouldn’t rile up the Chinese with provocations like her visit. But now that it has happened, the US has gotten a preview of what a Chinese attack of the island would look like and we’ve told the Chinese that we have Taiwan’s back, we are still the global power looking out for democracies. You go Nancy!

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Deep State Success

Inflation Reduction Act

Congress (Senate and the House) passed the IRA which included money for fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions, money for veterans who were exposed to burn pits, Medicare negotiating prescription drug prices with Big Pharma including a cap on insulin prices for Type 1 diabetes, and investment in domestic manufacturing especially computer chips. The bill was previously known as the Bridge to the Future but lost traction as Democrats within rejected the more ambitious terms. According to The Washington Post, the act pays for itself through tweaks to the tax laws including a 15% floor on Corporate taxes. I think the provisions sound wonderful if it will truly not raise taxes on the middle class but I don’t see how it reduces inflation. The Democrats published a one page summary titled Summary: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. In it they state that $300 billion will be invested in deficit reduction which will flight inflation. Does anyone understand how that works?

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Game of Thrones: modern version

FBI Executes Search Warrant at Mar-a-Lago

Notice I didn’t say raid, or conduct a siege, or invade the home of our former President – all terms Mr. Trump has used in recent tweets. But that a Federal Judge approved a search for specific kinds of documents after the Office of National Archives had asked for them from Mr. Trump and his lawyers. This has been going on since January of last year. It doesn’t appear that this is related to the DOJ January 6 investigation, but it sure does look like revenge by the FBI for all the bad blood during Trump’s administration; particularly the firing of James Comey, Director of the FBI. Assuming the FBI can rise above the human emotion of revenge, this “Game of Thrones” episode revolves around documents that were illegally taken from the White House and sloppily stored in his abode: Mar-a-Lago (now called WinterFell). This theft (my words) was not a one-time event as he was clearing his office but a regular undertaking during his four years according to Trump White House staff. All documents belong to the public – even the classified ones.

Despite the apparent illegality of this, I’m not happy that the FBI chose to search his estate. Talk about lighting the fire? This one event will organize his supporters like no other. Couldn’t another approach have been use – Mar-a-LagoGate?

Today Trump was deposed on another matter relating to the value of his businesses. He went before attorneys in New York to answer questions. Trump invoked the fifth amendment – the right to not “be compelled to be witness against himself…” He actually made fun of other people who did that: Only the Mob pleads the fifth amendment.

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Why are these people smiling?

Taliban celebration one year later

Taliban smiling

These people are smiling because they have taken away the rights of women in Afghanistan.


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Why are these people smiling?

US Supreme Court 2021

US Supreme Court 2021

These people are smiling because they have taken away the rights of women in the United States.


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