Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

August 2023 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Ezra Brooks 99 Proof Bourbon

Ezra Brooks 99 Proof Bourbon

Aroma: tingling sensation from the alcohol. Nothing identified in terms of smell.

Taste: Butterscotch - my go to taste if nothing else is found.

Appearance: bourbon amber but a nice masculine bottle.

Finish: Soft finish despite the alcohol content.

Story of: Aged 7 years and bottled at cask strength: 49.5% alcohol. Distilled on the Kentucky trail

No Conspiracy Here


A fourth indictment of Mr. Trump is due this week from the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney. It will be with respect to his phone call looking to find 11,780 pro-Trump votes. If you carefully listen to his call to the Secretary of State Raffensberger, you can imagine Trump’s attorneys claiming that he is not asking for additional pro-votes but a check of the votes made. Trump says, “[] which is one more than we got,” implying that votes are missing. The latter request seems in keeping with the First Amendment argument that John Laurer is making in the January 6 insurrection case. Lawyers will twist the words to fit their defense: same words, different interpretation.

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A Real Conspiracy


The murder of the Russian Wagner boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, smells of conspiracy. Ten people died with him in an airplane crash, precipitated by either a missile attack or an internal explosion. They have to do the dna work to understand who truly died; the plane manifest says Putin’s Chef was on the plane along with nine other cohorts. The Kremlin is of course denying any involvement, but the rest of the world knows better.

But what if it’s all a set-up to hide Prigozhin from Putin, the death was faked? Somebody died but it wasn’t the Wagner chief. While everyone was looking in the air at the tumbling airplane, Prigozhin was spirited away in a car, boat, another plane. Only by faking his death could he survive Putin’s desire for revenge. I’m hoping for act II in this Shakesperean play.

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No Conspiracy Here

Republican Debate

Nikki Haley came out the winner in the recent Republican debate. She seemed the most presidential and the most willing to tell the voters the truth about a number of issues. The most inspiring was her owning the economy ills along with all Republicans and Democrats. Haley’s Answer Republican earmarks, Trump adding to debt by 8 trillion dollars - once we admit to our own mistakes do we begin to solve them.

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How to Handle a Bully


Seems to me that NATO and the US need to call out that bully Putin. No more letting Ukraine fight our battles; the United States and our allies in NATO should demand the special operations (war) in Ukraine ends or we send our own troops to kick out the Russians. We need to say that we have nothing against the Russian people, so our goal is to escort them out of Ukrainian territory. We are not going to punish them for their leader’s mistakes. We appreciate the historical and cultural significance the Russian people have had on the world – they don’t need Ukraine to resurrect that significance.

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More of the Same

The Former President Leads the Polls

Former President Trump leads the Republican field for the primary races. Every mention of indictments enriches his fund raising and attracts people to his base. Polls testing Joe Biden’s administration are very low in everything: economics, culture, fitness to serve. It appears that Americans have lost their moral compass as Trump can do no wrong. Although we are still waiting to hear indictments on the January 6 Insurrection (sedition) and the voting interference in Georgia (obstruction), Americans seem not to care and Trump threatens to pardon himself when he wins the election. It doesn’t look good for the USA.

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Science News Revisited

More Bad News

I thought the collapse of the North Atlantic currents was a bad thing for the world: the stoppage of warm water coming to the Arctic would severely impact weather in Europe. But now I’m told that it would allow the Arctic to cool down and slow the melting of the ice caps and glaciers – benefiting the entire globe (Sabine Hossenfelder Science News on YouTube). Let’s just admit it: we don’t really understand our planet Earth.

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Today's News

The Governor vs The President

Governor Abbot of Texas is suing President Biden's administration, or maybe the reverse, over installation of barriers along shallow sections of the Rio Grande. The barriers are round buoys linked together in the river that are difficult to climb over. In plus, Abbott is placing barb wire along the river front to add to the migrants’ woes. A department of human services has told the Governor that he cannot place anything in the river that would impede navigation and the Governor retorts that he is protecting the Texas border from illegal immigration. The Governor is ignoring a federal demand to stop his actions. The last time a Governor disobeyed a federal order, troops were sent in (in my memory that would be Wallace of Alabama).

Disobeying federal orders is scary in itself – where does disobedience stop? Ignoring the problem of immigration is also scary – how many people can the United States absorb, never mind one lone State? (Did you catch my pun?). Congress needs to work the issue, first by deciding are we going to live up to our great history of “Give me your tired and poor” or live by a new philosophy that only the best and brightest are allowed in. Once the vision for the country is decided, then work the immigration rules to achieve that vision. My vote is to stand by our past: let people in who want a better future.

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Science News

More Climate Bad News

CNN has a short article on Atlantic currents collapsing due to the current warming trend. The New York Times has a similar article in Link. The gist of these is that the climate impact of the currents collapsing (think the Gulf Stream stopping its flow) is to create havoc on the world’s weather – havoc that is more than we have now. The report says that it happened twelve thousand years ago, at the end of the last ice age. This feeds the climate change naysayers: now they can point to this fact that ocean currents collapsed without burning fossil fuels. According to a professor friend, the part missing in the articles is the rate of change then and now of the currents temperature and flow. The pace of change in the current temperatures and flow is much greater now. The New York Times wrote, “….humankind’s continued emissions of heat-trapping gases could set off climate “tipping points,” or rapid and hard-to-reverse changes in the environment.”

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