Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

February 2023 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Wild Turkey Rye 101 Whiskey

Wild Turkey Rye 101 Whiskey

Aroma: Wild Turkey Rye has a smooth aroma, kind of like leather.

Taste: it has delicious caramel, slight butterscotch, and some oatmeal-ish flavors.

Appearance: amber yellow.

Finish: has a spicy finish after sipping it straight.

Story of: Even though I prefer it in an old fashioned or Manhattan, I really enjoy it in a rocks glass with an ice ball on a Friday after work.

Parental Supervision Needed

Unruly Children

The State of the Union speech last night by our President (the elected one) was marred by catcalls and shouts of Liar from the other side. The perpetrators know that they have their own response after Biden’s address, so there is no reason to be rude. Plus, in this age of social media and instant communication, just offer your opinion another way. The response by Governor Sarah Huckabee was full of vitriol and hate; calling President Biden weak and not to be believed. She did get in some compliments about herself: youngest Governor ever, survivor of cancer, mother of three children. Her attack on Biden didn’t correlate with her self-portrayal. I fully expected to see a couple of shotguns or automatic rifles behind her during the presentation to drive home her points. I couldn’t stomach her speech so left it early. Did she ever offer some improvements from the Republican party?

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International Politics

Chinese Balloons

This one is ripe for conspiracies: We sent that balloon up over our own territory so that we could blame the Chinese and instigate an excuse for sanctions or worse, military retaliation. The incident reminds me of the start to the Vietnam War where one of our destroyers was supposedly attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin and we retaliated, effectively starting the war. Fortunately, we haven’t retaliated except to shoot down the balloon and, recently, to shoot down another unidentified flying object; we haven’t challenged the Chinese over their air space. The Secretary of State, Mr. Blinken, did cancel a trip but that doesn’t warrant a conspiracy theory to do that. Ancient Alien Theorist might speak up here and say these flying objects are alien origin, not Chinese.

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Breaking News

Murder Most Foul

The death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of 5 black police officers is all the news at the end of January. Thank heavens it wasn’t another beating by white officers on a young, black, man. As the Memphis Police Superintendent said, it takes racism out of the equation (my words). But if not for racial bias, then why did they feel the need to taser, kick, pepper spray, and kick some more this defenseless person for a traffic stop? Why did Tyre try to escape by running from his car? Why was he afraid? Something else is at play here.

My first thought was that the officers were shutting him up. Tyre was part of some criminal conspiracy with these policemen and they made sure he wouldn’t talk. However, listening to Mr. Nichols speak during a 2018 interview at the Office of Motor Vehicles, I just couldn’t believe this articulate man could be associated in something like that. So, the next thought was: Police work is risky, high stress and dangerous every day; the officers lost control, especially when Tyre took off running. So they beat him up, not intending to kill him but to teach him a lesson. Why did Tyre run? Because he was afraid of the police!

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more Politics

Political Theater

The deficit battle that is looming, with Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury, taking some evasive actions and Generals McCarthy and Biden meeting on the battlefield, is all political theater. The money has already been designated or in effect, spent. Voting for increasing the deficit tells the world that the USA is good for its debts. The government can pay the deficit by raising taxes, cutting future spending, or some other tricks up her sleeve. The Republicans and Democrats passed the 2 trillion dollar Inflation Reduction Act last year which would seem like new spending. But the terms of the bill added money to hire 87,000 IRA agents to go after rich taxpayers, supposedly enough to pay for the act total. It’s never clear if it really works that way. So why is Representative McCarthy threatening to withhold the votes needed to pass the bill? Some of it is bluster as the new Speaker of the House. Some of it is the result of his pact with the Republican Freedom Caucus to get his position. None of it is worth the bad signal it sends to the economy.

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