Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

February 2024 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

February 2024 Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon

Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon

Aroma: sweet scent of Bourbon. Not alcohol forward!

Taste: Sippable but especially enjoy with Coca-Cola.

Appearance: reddish amber. Bottle is Old West masculine.

Finish: Spice finish on the sides of tongue. Cannot define which spice or spices.

Story of: distilled in California, one of multiple choices all based on a section of northern state. These guys are marketing genuises.

Latest News

$355M Fine Levied on Trump

The New York judge on the former President Trump fraud trial has issued a judgement against Trump for $355 million. Where do you get a number like that and why? I wish the news would explain; otherwise, it looks pulled out of a blue hat. The fraud was committed as his staff, with his knowledge or agreement, filed false financial documents with his banks to expand the value of his properties to support receipt of large loans against Trump’s assets. Valuing assets is tricky enough – think about your own house’s value, commercial properties in large cities must be even more difficult. Can someone say what additional value is derived from the Trump name? How inflated were the values as compare to like properties? I think the American public has the right to information to make their own conclusions.

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Sad News

Death in Siberia

Alexi Navalny, the opposition leader to Putin, has died while serving a 30 year sentence in a Siberian jail. Navalny was recently moved to this jail and passed away after taking a walk, presumably within the jail walls. Suspicion immediately fell on the Russian leader (President? Dictator for Life? Prime Minister? Ruler?) Putin. Mr. Putin, recently interviewed by a laughing and smiling Tucker Carlson, seems to have a proclivity to murder his competitors, Navalny being the latest death by poison. How can the Republicans not support Ukraine in its war for freedom with a man like Putin behind it all?

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Latest No News

What's Going On?

Is it my imagination or has the news media cut back on Trump-bashing during January? It may be all his court appearances are not newsworthy or that reporters are not allowed inside. Perhaps everyone is holding their collective breath waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court about the former President’s immunity while in office. I was in Europe for five days near the end of the month; no reporting by Euro news, Sky News, RTE about Mr. Trump. But then nothing about the Superbowl was reported so they may be boycotting the USA or just not interested. I guess his winning the Iowa Primaries (or were they Caucuses?) was expected and therefore nothing much to discuss. As the primaries begin to churn, I expect more will be said.

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News Continued

What's Going On (2)?

There was a segment on 60 Minutes last night about immigration through our southern border. Immigration will be President Biden’s downfall unless he can pull a rabbit out of a hat and soon. This program was doubly scary because it was about the huge number of Chinese coming through a hole in the wall into Texas. The migrants looked middle class: wheeling suitcases behind them. A border guard was there but he did nothing, maybe because of the numbers pouring through. Is the Chinese government sending these people to increase the volume of bad news against President Biden, to ensure his defeat? I don’t normally ascribe to conspiracies but this one is weird enough to concoct a tale.

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