Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

(dry) January 2024 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Dry January drinking City Tap Water

City Tap Water

Aroma is none, not a goddamn thing, which is probably what you want in drinking water.

Taste: smooth, refreshing, satisfying.

Appearance: very clear liquid.

Finish: clears the mouth and mind.

Story of: water from a river, cleaned with filters and ozone.

Breaking News

Trump wins New Hampshire primary

You might be wondering how he can win half the state’s Republican voter’s while facing 91 indictments. It’s because his supporters believe that Trump is a victim of a weaponized Department of Justice and of the Democratic Party. Rape a young woman in the dressing room of a fancy store? Made up. Kept important top secret documents at his golf resort? All the ex-presidents did that. Urged an insurrection against the Capitol? He was protecting the voters’ right to a fair election. Meddling in the Georgia election process? He identified several “bad actions” by the election workers and now the Attorney General. Finally, his response is that the President of the United States has immunity from all wrongdoing because nothing would get done otherwise!

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Part 2

Moreover, in the thinking of the MAGA Republicans, the former President kept his promises. He cut taxes (I can’t tell you how much or for whom but pundits agree he cut taxes). He built a wall between Mexico and the USA. It wasn’t completed nor does it appear foolproof, nor did Mexico pay for it. But he built some part of it and Joe Biden continues the process. Trump stacked the Supreme Court with Right to Life judges who overturned Roe vs Wade, basically taking over the bodies of women. Mitch McConnel was the architect of that stacking but Trump takes credit. Trump stood up to China and imposed trade barriers that forced manufacturers to return to the USA for making their widgets. This sounds like a positive achievement on his part. Bring jobs home when possible.

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Hostages vs Prisoners

You must admire former President Trump: he knows how to turn a word to his advantage. At four Iowa rallies he held this past week, he described the January 6 Insurrectionists as hostages, not prisoners. Calling them hostages is a not-so-subtle reference to the kidnapped Jews being held in Gaza. We all agree on the egregiousness of that situation; linking to it supports Trump’s point that the US Government is out to get him: he is a victim just like the kidnapped people. Brilliant!

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Source of MAGA


This country was founded on the hard labor of millions of immigrants over the past 300 years. Different ethnic and cultural waves of people came ashore for work and a better life. Everyone benefitted from the influx: employers, communities, farmers, factories, and the immigrants. We still need people to pick our crops, clean our streets and build our homes; the immigrants do all those things.

Nevertheless, listening to some mayors of Sanctuary cities, it does seem like the influx is greater than our need and greater than our ability to humanely handle the people. Can we put a temporary stop to allowing people to come to this country until we get ahead of the numbers and can provide a system to house, feed, and employ the immigrants?

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Liberal Universities

Depending on the context

The Harvard President, Dr. Claudine Gay, answered Elise Stefanik’s question about the morality of genocide of the Jews (my words, I’m doing this from memory) with, “It depends on the context.” Dr. Gay was promptly chastised for what in hindsight is a stupid answer. In foresight, it should have been a no-brainer answer that genocide of the Jews is never acceptable. Her answer is lost in the flak: what did Dr. Gay mean by depending on the context? I think she was being neutral and non-controversial since students appear to have mostly sided with Palestine. But the uproar has only fed the belief that elite universities are clueless and responsible for the state of decay the country is suffering.

From the New York Times: she was asked by Representative Elise Stefanik (Republican of New York; Harvard ’06) whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” violated “Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment.” Dr. Gay replied that it might, “depending on the context,” a formulation she reiterated when Ms. Stefanik rephrased the question. I think I caught the gist of it with my one word: morality.

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Learning from History

Apocalypse WWI

I am watching the American History Channel’s new show: Apocalypse WWI. I was struck in episode 1 by the similarity between then and now, the leaders of the major countries want something and so the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Joseph caused every country to enter a war. Let’s look at it now. China wants Taiwan. Hamas wants Israel gone and Israel wants Hamas, maybe all of Palestine, gone. Russia wants Ukraine but who knows if Putin will stop there and not continue to take back the former Soviet Union countries. Iran wants the USA gone and we want the Middle East to behave. This is a recipe for world war. See the show.

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Dry January

In the spirit of the new year and showing some concern with one’s health, I am following the modern tradition of not imbibing bourbon during the month of January. Wine, Champagne, aperitifs, and beer are okay – just not drinking bourbon. In its place, I have chosen good, old-fashioned water, city tap water at that, to feature on this webpage. Two liters of water, 8 8-fluid ounce glasses per day best imbibed slowly or does it matter? That’s the debate now. Counting the days to have a shot of whiskey.

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Fear of Trump

The end of year opinion pieces talked about the risk of re-electing former President Trump. He talks about being the Republican retribution against the wrongs made against him by the Democratic party. He says that immigrants are soiling the blood of our country. He praises the dictators of the world as being strong men to be admired (emulated?). Trump holds grudges, favors the rich, believes the office of the President is untouchable, and whose world view extends no further than the waters surrounding the United States. It stands to reason that people are afraid.

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