I W Harper Cabernet Cask Bourbon

I W Harper Cabernet Cask Bourbon

Aroma: faint waft of alcohol and sweetness

Taste: I am susceptible to verbal cues like Cabernet Cask, I taste the wine and it is not unpleasant.

Appearance: the most transparent bourbon yet with more yellow than red in it.

Finish: Cabernet Cask.

Story of: distilled at the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Mask is 73% corn, 18% rye and 9% barley.

Today's News

The Governor vs The President

Governor Abbot of Texas is suing President Biden's administration, or maybe the reverse, over installation of barriers along shallow sections of the Rio Grande. The barriers are round buoys linked together in the river that are difficult to climb over. In plus, Abbott is placing barb wire along the river front to add to the migrants’ woes. A department of human services has told the Governor that he cannot place anything in the river that would impede navigation and the Governor retorts that he is protecting the Texas border from illegal immigration. The Governor is ignoring a federal demand to stop his actions. The last time a Governor disobeyed a federal order, troops were sent in (in my memory that would be Wallace of Alabama).

Disobeying federal orders is scary in itself – where does disobedience stop? Ignoring the problem of immigration is also scary – how many people can the United States absorb, never mind one lone State? (Did you catch my pun?). Congress needs to work the issue, first by deciding are we going to live up to our great history of “Give me your tired and poor” or live by a new philosophy that only the best and brightest are allowed in. Once the vision for the country is decided, then work the immigration rules to achieve that vision. My vote is to stand by our past: let people in who want a better future.

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Science News

More Climate Bad News

CNN has a short article on Atlantic currents collapsing due to the current warming trend. The New York Times has a similar article in Link. The gist of these is that the climate impact of the currents collapsing (think the Gulf Stream stopping its flow) is to create havoc on the world’s weather – havoc that is more than we have now. The report says that it happened twelve thousand years ago, at the end of the last ice age. This feeds the climate change naysayers: now they can point to this fact that ocean currents collapsed without burning fossil fuels. According to a professor friend, the part missing in the articles is the rate of change then and now of the currents temperature and flow. The pace of change in the current temperatures and flow is much greater now. The New York Times wrote, “….humankind’s continued emissions of heat-trapping gases could set off climate “tipping points,” or rapid and hard-to-reverse changes in the environment.”

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Latest News

Third Time a Charm?

The latest announcement that former President Trump has received a target letter from the special prosecutor, Jack Smith, takes our minds off of the other heat occurring globally: the weather. The target letter signifies that Mr. Trump is being considered for indictment for his role in the January 6 insurrection. Part of me thinks that DOJ needs to give it a break, already. Part of me thinks good, he needs to pay for what he did (exhort the insurrection) or what he didn’t do (stop the insurrection). Another part of me thinks that this just excites his base and attracts new supporters to the seemingly unfairness of it all. It keeps Trump in the spotlight, makes him the center of the news for free, amps up his fund-raising, and gets him ever closer to winning the 2024 election.

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Risk of War

Ukraine Losing Against Russia

The news from the counter-offensive, recently kicked off by Ukraine, is bad. The Ukrainian army is suffering from having to attack through heavily mined areas and a well-dug in Russian army. Our military, General Miley, says that the Ukraine Army is slowing down in response to heavy casualties but that only makes sense. They are learning as they proceed the offensive. Moreover, Ukraine has troops waiting to participate when the Ukrainian army has it all figured out.

I wish there was something more NATO could do. I wish they would tell Russia that NATO won’t stand for this any longer, is sending troops and equipment in, and will drive Russia out of Ukraine. All my wishing is exactly what Biden and NATO doesn’t want to do, afraid to escalate and create World War 3.

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Housing First

It seems that bi-partisan cooperation is occurring on the issue of how to handle homelessness. Policy to Fight Homelessness Becomes a Target of the Right, The New York Times, June 21, 2023. The question is whether to fund housing for the homeless or to fund treatment; billions of dollars are at stake. From the article title, you might think that I interpreted it wrong, but in truth, Democrats and Republicans are questioning the wisdom of prioritizing housing for the homeless before treating the causes. I must side with the right on this one. The article says that the data supports the housing-first priority, showing it works to save lives by getting people off the streets. The downside is that people remain unemployed without mental health or addiction treatment. The article goes into a lot of detail elaborating the nuances of the issue and attempted solutions. The problem is that different organizations with different approaches are all vying for funding. The good news is that at least they’re working on it.

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Gender Care

States are trying to outlaw gender transition care of children. The thought is that children are too young, immature, and susceptible to suggestion, to allow them to pursue a change in their gender through hormone treatment and even surgery. At first blush, that belief feels right. But upon more thought, that approach is one more nail in liberty’s coffin as people’s rights are taken away (for example a woman’s right to choose, banning of books, culture wars around wokeness). Maybe just leave the decision to transition up to parents and the child with advice from their doctor. Maybe some things can’t be legislated.

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