Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

June 2022 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey

'Aroma: The first whiff was pure rubbing alcohol. Not a good start.'

'Taste: Wild Turkey 101 is supposed to be vanilla and caramel. I got some sweetness but could not identify anything specific.'

'Appearance: Lighter colored than most whiskeys we have tried.'

'Finish: Sucked air as I swallowed and that is when the flavors came through. Will require more tasting!'

'Story of: The bottle says high rye content which is supposed to mean something tastewise. I am impressed it is aged six to eight years.'

Talking Sense


The AR-15 or ArmaLite Rifle appears to be the go-to weapon for mass shootings. It is a semi-automatic rifle meaning 1 pull of the trigger results in one shot. It was originally developed for the army by ArmaLite and later sold to Colt. It was used in the Vietnam war as a lightweight weapon (6.55 pounds), able to fire high velocity, small caliber rounds. That’s all the facts I’ll relate otherwise this will sound like an advertisement. My point is that the weapon was made for soldiers in battle, not teenagers in society. So, the fuss over banning the sale of this destructive weapon is ludicrous. People don’t need a weapon like this for hunting, target practice, killing feral pigs (John Kennedy, R. La.) or any reason one might imagine. I heard Mitch McConnell propose that the true solutions to mass shootings are mental health and hardening schools. I expect tackling those will help, but the immediate, quick, solution is to remove high-power, high-capacity guns from peoples’ hands.

Owning a gun must represent freedom to Americans, just like owning a musket meant freedom from the British. Let’s go back to muskets.

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More Talking Sense

2022 Elections

I read that Republicans in State Legislatures are planning to man voting booths with the intent to challenge anyone who a vote-watcher deems suspicious. There have always been poll watchers and the right to challenge a vote is not new; but to organize for the purpose to disrupt voting only in precincts at risk to red States is new and disturbing. I fear for the 2022 elections and anticipate turmoil in States like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

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