Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

June 2023 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon

Old Grand-Dad Bourbon

Aroma: Old GrandDad smells good! Despite 100 proof, it does not overwhelm the olfactory senses.

Taste: Butterscotch on the first sip. A creamy sweetness not discerned in othe bourbons.

Appearance: more red than yellow

Finish: the 100 proof makes itself felt.

Story of: Distilled by James Beam Distillers


Discoverd Plot to Overthrow the US Government

There are a small group of youngish congressmen who are holding the country hostage by voting No to any bill lifting the debt ceiling. They believe they can bring down Joe Biden’s administration by making the country default on its payments to the military, to retirees, to Medicaid recipients, and to bondholders. If the administration fails, Donald Trump will lead a coup to take over and “rescue” the country. You heard him on the CNN Townhall where he dismissed the situation as psychological and recommended that the Republicans just let it happen, that it will have to happen one day. He is behind this conspiracy. The documents that he kept at Mar-A-Lago all have to do with constitutional rules for taking over. You know why we never see his wife Melania, she is watching over the documents at Trump Tower.

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A Cocktail Twist

Old Fashion

Drinking an Old Fashion one evening at a hotel restaurant, I learned their secret for simple syrup: maple syrup.

1.5 oz of Old Grandad bonded bourbon

.5 oz of Gallo sweet Vermouth

.5 oz of Runamok Maple Syrup

Pour over ice, stir vigorously. Delicious!

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FBI Whistleblowers

I watched a good part of the House Subcommittee hearing of three, now former, FBI agents turned whistleblowers: Steven Friend, Marcus Allen, and Garret O’Boyle. It was difficult to understand the back story to all of this. Quote from Fox News on, “A recent report by the House committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, found the FBI suspended his (Friend) security clearance and his job without pay after he made protected disclosures about the bureau’s handling of January 6, 2021, domestic extremism cases. The bureau contended in a statement that Friend wrongly downloaded documents onto thumb drives in September 2022.” The other two were similarly accused of wrongdoing. Listening to the Republicans on the committee, one gets the feeling that the FBI retaliated against the whistleblowers. Listening to the Democrats, the whistleblowers are guilty of treason. Who to believe?

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Old Fashion

I’m getting You Tube videos for making Old Fashions and I didn’t search for it. But it is interesting to see how the mixologist jazzes up a fairly simple drink with small flourishes like block ice, muddle sugar cubes, and non-stop juggling of hardware.

Here is my version: 1.5 oz of Cooper's Craft Bourbon, .5 oz of sweet vermouth, .5 oz Cointreau, fill with ice, add orange peel. Voila.

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