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March Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Old Forester 1870

Old Forester 1870 Bourbon Whiskey

Aroma: Old Forestor 1870 smells like a fine cognac, with little alcohol despite being 90 proof.

Taste: 1870 gives an immediate taste of caramel on the tip of the tongue followed by chocolate as the bourbon moves to the back of the mouth. Yum!

Appearance: 1870 appearance is a very pleasing redish amber color - call it copper.

Finish:1870 does not burn going down which is a pleasant change from many bourbons.

Story of: although labeled 1870, it was first released in 2015. Claims to be the first brand to be bottled.

Talking Sense

Invasion of Ukraine

It has started, and the Ukrainians are in the second week of fighting. I can’t help but wonder that we should have stood up to the bully Putin from the start. Announce immediately that we are sending into Ukraine troops, planes, missiles, tanks, howitzers, and putting our nuclear forces on high alert, sending the submarines and ships out to sea. I comprehend that we fear starting WWIII; but sanctions won’t stop a bully from taking one country after another until we must fight. A bully understands force.

The fear of course is that Mr. Putin is insane and will resort to using nuclear weapons. I only hope his soldiers will be his moral compass and not turn the keys and push the buttons.

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More Talking Sense

Different Conclusions

An opinion piece by Kathryn Jean Lopez titled The responsibilities of freedom caught my interest. Ms. Lopez is apparently a columnist for the National Review, a right-handed political magazine. I’ve read several of her articles, but this is the first that spoke to me. The reason is her statement, “In both politics and pandemic, we need to recognize that people can and do look at the same set of facts and come to different conclusions. Or they don’t see the full argument we are making, and maybe we need to be more creative about how we communicate.” She is right-on with those statements, but she could have added, or maybe we need to rethink our own position. In any case, she goes on to say, “And we have got to be mature enough to recognize that just because we disagree with someone on some fundamental things doesn’t make them wrong all the time.” I would add that we should listen to other points of view with an open mind and try to learn from them. The answer lies somewhere between the two sides..

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Hunter Biden Laptop

I received a telegram, (telegram = tweet?) from our former President gloating that the NY Times finally admitted the veracity of the found laptop plus a NY Post story on Spies Who Lie. The latter referring to 51 intelligence officers who spoke out back in October 2020 that the laptop story was a Russian disinformation campaign to help Donald Trump win the presidency. The laptop is full of emails among family and business associates plus other documents that the Justice Department is using to investigate tax fraud and other crimes by the current President’s son. The assumption is that justice will be done but my take on the story is why did the Media ignore the laptop story back before the election? Their attitude just gives credence to Trump’s complaints that the Media is unfair to him, creates fake news, and does not play fair. It sure sounds like it with this story. I looked at the NY Times coverage during 2020; it did not give much credence to the existence of the laptop and embraced the Russian disinformation conclusion. A March 21, 2022 Opinion piece by Gail Collins and Bret Stephens makes amends for ignoring the story during the Pandemic. Our Media must cover all sides for us to believe them.

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Five Facts that Prove Putin is Hitler Reincarnated

Putin starts with the sixteenth letter of the alphabet; Hitler starts with the eighth letter, exactly half of P.

Nitup is Putin spelled backwards and Reltih is Hitler reversed; both are not palindromes!

Hitler’s birthdate adds up to 1913 and Putin’s to 1969; both are prime numbers!

Putin is 5 feet 7 inches tall and Hitler was 5’9”.

One started World War II and the other…. Let’s hope the similarities stop there.

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I read an article in the March 2022 Wired magazine, Message Received by Darren Loucaides, about an app that the far right is using to communicate -Telegram. To be fair, it is used around the world by all sides to communicate: Venezuela, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, anywhere that people are under watch either by their government or by Big Tech. The surprising fact is that it was written, and is maintained, by a small group of genius Russians in St. Petersburg but now moved to Dubai. I also heard that former President Trump and his followers use Telegram to broadcast their propaganda, so I downloaded it and joined the real Marjorie Taylor-Greene and the real Donald J Trump. So far Mrs. Greene is not very interesting, but our former President is a hoot. He doesn’t give up with his whining on almost everything. The latest was a rebuttal on Bill Barr’s recent book about his time as Attorney General under Trump.

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More Opinion

More about Old Forester 1870 Original Batch

I researched on the Web some more about 1870, one of two featured Old Forester bourbons this month, and learned some surprising details. The first is that it was released in 2015 by the Old Forester Distilling Company at Louisville, Kentucky. The distiller is owned by Brown-Forman Distillers, one of the top ten largest global spirit companies. A trademark is that they First Bottled Bourbon in 1870 by George Garvin Brown, their founder. I learned that a straight bourbon must be aged in a charred oak cask for a minimum of two years and if less than four years, the age of the bourbon must be included on the label. Looking at 1870’s label, it doesn’t have straight or an age on the label. Strange because 1870 has become my new favorite Whiskey and I thought for certain it would have been aged at least 4 years to get the smoothness and flavor I taste.

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