Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

May's Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Duke Bourbon Whiskey

Duke Bourbon

Aroma: Duke has a warm- mellow aroma. Your nose is not overwhelmed by the alcohol bite. The scent is soft, not harsh. I am sure it has notes of all kinds but I am not going to pretend to smell them.

Taste: We come to the good part. You have savored the smell, admired the look, and now you taste it. I prefer smooth and Duke delivers.

Appearance: The warm scent moves to the appearance. What you taste and smell, you see. The whole package adds up.

Finish: What do you feel after the swallow? The finish. This one gives you that warm - calm - feeling and taste. There is no harsh after-taste so I would say it finishes fine. If you do not believe me- try a pour- into a crystal tumbler. Take a sip, savor, swallow, and taste/feel again.

Story of: Duke is a blend of bourbons distilled in Owensboro Kentucky. The bottle says it is aged in new American Oak barrels and aged a minimum of 5 years. The alcohol is 88 proof. The recipe comes from the family archives and preserved bottles. Duke is re-creation of John Waynes love of a bold, smooth, full-bodied Bourbon. It is a good-looking, masculine, bottle you might have seen in the Old West.


Talking Sense

Stopping the Steal

The most worrisome aspect of the Stop the Steal protests is that smart people believe it. I have been watching a lot of far-right news and listening to more right-wing radio and it is obvious that people continue to believe it even after the truth about the election has come out. President Trump laid the groundwork for the belief and the right media amplified it. What if they are right and we are wrong: the election was stolen by a software company owned by dead Castros, that 5000 dead people voted for Biden in Georgia; that 18000 ballots appeared from under a table and were put through the machines three times, and finally that the hardware of ballot machines were replaced soon after the election? Georgia Secretary Raffensperger had answers to all those accusations but what if he is part of that demonic group of Pedophiles operating out of a pizza restaurant? The ballots were audited 3 times and the hand-count and machine count were extremely close. But I think the same people did the audit as who administered the election, and they were all part of the Pfizer vaccine test which turned them into Communist-loving Zombies. Pfizer is owned by Hunter Biden! Is that possible? The real problem here is that Democrats are just as capable of protesting that an election was stolen. Take the 2016 election that Mrs. Clinton supposedly lost. What if the Russians hacked our machines and caused them to vote for Trump in a few key States?

More Talking Sense

Voter Laws

I watched Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Republican, on CNBC S Squawk Box this morning, defending the changes made to the Georgian voting law. In short, his defense was that the changes were to streamline voting and make it more efficient. His example of the impact was that smaller lines of voters would stand to vote in an election. When confronted with the change that reduced the number of absentee drop boxes from 94 to 23 just in the four counties that make up Atlanta, didn’t hear a defense of that contradiction. The changes seem very subtle: reduced hours of operation for absentee voting, placement of boxes only in government buildings, and transfer of election power from the Secretary of State to the Georgia’s legislature. I watched their Governor Kemp’s speech berating Joe Biden and the Left for not acquiescing to these changes. But I never heard him explain why these changes to the law were necessary except for the usual voting irregularities in the presidential election that were called fair by his own people and with no proof of voting fraud. The real problem isn’t just Georgia, forty-four States are making similar changes to their voting laws, all with the intent to reduce voter participation in Democracy.