Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

May 2023 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Coopers Craft Bourbon

Coopers Craft Bourbon

Aroma: Coopers Craft Bourbon has a gentle, sweet, aroma. Cannot say what the smell is but that it is inviting.

Taste: I think I am tasting caramel. Then the alcohol bite comes after.

Appearance: : reddish-brown.

Finish: : this is a sippable whiskey that does not require down-the-hatch drinking.

Story of: Bit unusual: a cooperage since 1945 with a secret barrel manufacturing process.


FBI Whistleblowers

I watched a good part of the House Subcommittee hearing of three, now former, FBI agents turned whistleblowers: Steven Friend, Marcus Allen, and Garret O’Boyle. It was difficult to understand the back story to all of this. Quote from Fox News on, “A recent report by the House committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, found the FBI suspended his (Friend) security clearance and his job without pay after he made protected disclosures about the bureau’s handling of January 6, 2021, domestic extremism cases. The bureau contended in a statement that Friend wrongly downloaded documents onto thumb drives in September 2022.” The other two were similarly accused of wrongdoing. Listening to the Republicans on the committee, one gets the feeling that the FBI retaliated against the whistleblowers. Listening to the Democrats, the whistleblowers are guilty of treason. Who to believe?

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Old Fashion

I’m getting You Tube videos for making Old Fashions and I didn’t search for it. But it is interesting to see how the mixologist jazzes up a fairly simple drink with small flourishes like block ice, muddle sugar cubes, and non-stop juggling of hardware.

Here is my version: 1.5 oz of Cooper's Craft Bourbon, .5 oz of sweet vermouth, .5 oz Cointreau, fill with ice, add orange peel. Voila.

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Scary News

Debt Ceiling

I hope the American people realize that both parties have played games with the debt ceiling. Trump had to oversee three votes to raise the debt limit during his 4 years. This plot shows the history of the debt ceiling or debt limit and the first thing that strikes you is how fast it has gone up in the last decade. It can’t be good for our economy or our government to owe so much that we borrow to pay the interest due. A person would be bankrupt in such a situation.

Annual Debt Limit

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Durham report

Trump targeted by FBI

After a four years investigation on the possibility that the FBI had it in for former President Trump and that he was or wasn’t colluding with the Russians to affect the 2016 election, the report is published. Now depending on who you tune in to, the story is different. Newsmax lauds the report by Joe Durham; the New York Times pans it. The arguments for both sides are long and arduous to read or listen to. I wonder if ChatGPT could write a simple summary of both sides?

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Latest News

Trump Townhall

Former President Trump is appearing in New Hampshire tonight in a CNN Town Hall with Kaitlin Colins hosting. He has a lot to answer for so I am certain there will be fireworks on stage. I hope he doesn’t get frustrated with the questions and walks off the stage. I think he has done that in other one on one interviews. People are questioning why CNN is agreeing to his appearance. Newsmax says it is to raise their television ratings – which could very well be a reason. But I hope it is because CNN is trying to give both sides of the story and for Trump an opportunity to present his program for the country. I expect he won’t actually answer anything that is being tried in court – he doesn’t even show up for that.

UPDATE: so, it is the next day and everyone is talking about the town hall. Trump gave something to everyone: left, right, Republican, Democrat, patriot, pederast (the last two are a stretch). The former president came out of the blocks talking his same trash about the election, E. Jean Carroll, and January 6 insurrection. The new stuff was his approach to the Ukraine Russia conflict: “I’ll settle it in 24 hours” and, “I want to stop the dying.” He basically said he wasn’t looking to have a winner and a loser or to assign blame, but just stop the war (my words). From my perspective, that seems like a reasonable thing to want and great if he can achieve it. He also said he wanted Europe to pay their fair share, (171 billion US versus 20 billion Europe), a tune we heard during his presidency and again, that seems reasonable. The liberal media is shocked by what he said; the conservative media is resolute in their worship of the man.

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More Latest News

Biden Guilty of Corruption

Also on the news tonight is the announcement from a GOP committee that they have proof that President Biden enriched himself and his family through connections overseas. I think it is mostly Hunter Biden, the President’s son, that is being accused of corruption but Joe Biden is the source of it. Both parties are “investigating” each other and I see no end in sight. George Santos being the most recent. Unfortunately, it will take a war before the parties come together, stop attacking each other, and focus on a real problem like Russia or China.

CORRECTION: I just read the newspaper account of this story and I got my facts wrong. The House Oversight Committee doesn’t have proof of corruption – after 3 months of investigating it, but they still suspect it, just can’t find documentation. They announced they would keep at it.

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The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

The New York Times carried an article today on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence from the God Father of AI, Geoffrey Hinton. Dr. Hinton quit his job with Google to be free to speak about the risks the technology poses with warnings that AI will be capable of replacing humans at drudge kinds of work and will spread misinformation that most people will not be able to distinguish as real or fake. Dr. Hinton says that the technology is already smarter than human beings but in a different way. He recommends that scientists work together to understand how to control the technology before they scale it up. We already have enough problems with misinformation.

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Tasting Bourbon

The Impact of the Barrel

We have tasted a bunch of bourbons that call out their mash bill, or the time aging, or the fact that the bourbon is bonded but none, that I remember, exult on their proprietary barrel making (cooperage). Bourbon is required to be aged in charred white oak, new, barrels and Coopers' Craft meets that criteria; but they must do something different because their bourbon is truly good: smooth, sweet, gentle to the palate.

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