Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

May 2024 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Oak&Eden In-Bottle Bourbon

Aroma: Oak&Eden Bourbon is a rush of alcohol. I am ready for surgery.

Taste: Very Spicy. It is either the American White Oak barrels or the high proof: 114.

Appearance: red. The most red I have seen yet.

Finish: Very Spicy with a strong hit of caramel.

Story of: distilled in Lawrenceburg IN and bottled in Bridgeport TX.

International News

Solution to Israel vs Palestine

You know how sometimes, when kids are fighting over a toy, you take the toy away from both of them? You say something like, “Until you settle your differences and learn to share, neither of you can have Jerusalem.” Then Mom or Dad put the toy up, out of reach, to both children. You watch the negotiations, preferably with a drink in hand. In this case, everyone has to move out of Israel and Palestine, a logistical nightmare but the Palestinians have had lots of practice and the Israelis should too. Everyone out and go to the Sahara.


Second Day of Michael Cohen

I cannot tell from the comments from the newscast pundits how the testimony of Michael Cohen is impacting the hush money trial of our former President. What comes out time after time is that the Fixer is an admitted liar so how can one trust his testimony? Mr. Cohen seems to be holding his own under cross-examination by Trump’s lead attorney Tod Blanche: no gaffs or obvious mistakes. Cohen’s testimony is supposed to be the key to the entire document case. We won’t know the impact until the jury comes back with a verdict.

International News

Israel and Rafah

Israel is threatening to attack the area of Gaza called Rafah where a million people are crammed into its volume. The attack is not if, but when. President Biden has delayed shipment of 1800 2000-pound dumb bombs (meaning unguided) to warn Israel to think twice about indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians. Here is the thing: why does Israel need the wholesale destruction of Rafah in order to destroy Hamas? Why can’t the IDF march into Rafah and detain or kill Hamas soldiers as the IDF tightens an imaginary belt around the bad guys; that is, with no bombing? I can’t answer that question.

Trump News

Second Day of Stormy Daniels

The first day of her testimony was salacious in its details surrounding the dinner meeting with Mr. Trump. I’m not sure what the point of going into his silk pajamas and posing on the bed except to shock the jurors. The defense attorneys asked for a mistrial because her testimony was prejudicial – whatever that means. All of this is a warm-up for the real main event: the testimony of Michael Cohen. Whatever the outcome, we have Mr. Trump to thank for the daily lessons on our legal system.

Current News

Campus Protests

I’m not sure what to think about the protests: on one hand I admire the students for clamoring for a ceasefire in Israel, on the other hand they are wrong to clamor for the Israelis to leave. Supposedly, the protestors are spouting off antisemitic platitudes. Neither anti-Israel nor anti-Islam chants, nor violence, nor stopping other students from attending classes/graduation should be a part of their protest. I agree with the protestors that the killing of Palestinian civilians should stop immediately; but I also agree with the destruction of Hamas and the release of the hostages. This is not a simple problem that gets solved with chanting.

Trump News

Hush Money Trial

The third week of the trial has finished (counting a week of jury selection). I just don’t understand how these friends of Trump can be testifying in the courtroom, under Trump’s glare, on their role in paying the money to two women and how the witnesses tried to help hide what the payments were for. That’s the crux of the case; not the affairs themselves, but the machinations of the Catch and Kill the Trump lawyers did. I think most Americans are not impressed and agree with Trump that it’s all a witch hunt. He is going to benefit from the trial more than be harmed. His reputation will go up with his base and they are motivated to vote.