Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

November 2022 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Aroma: The first whiff was all alcohol. Subsequent sniffs were not unpleasant.

Taste: I am please to report that Knob Creek had a definite vanilla flavor to it. Quite enjoyable.

Appearance: rich reddish brown. A pleasure to savor in a crystal glass.

Finish: very smooth and keeps its vanilla flavor at the finish.

Story of: Aged 9 years! That is amazing given the fact that Knob Creek is about half the price of quote, premium, unquote bourbons. 100 proof too.


What are the Issues?

The mid-terms have finished and though some races remain undetermined, the general result is that the House flipped to a slim Republican majority, the Democrats retained the Senate, and local governments became that much redder. Where does that leave the citizens? A friend of mine wrote the issues that face our leaders, and it captures a lot of them:

[Our] “leaders have no policies, no strategy and no governing skills so they need people to hate each other. We can look forward to more pro-gun laws, bullying trans kids and parents, more homophobia, more restrictive abortion laws, more CRT anguish, less teacher pay, less people with health care, more border wall photo ops. What about inflation? What about our high [energy] costs? What about school funding? What about [climate change] strategy?

My friend finishes with, "This has become my main concern - what is the end game? RE Continuing to throw shit on US elections. Do they hope we all just say, "ok let's not do elections?” or we just refuse to vote? What is the alternative if those are results? with no voting, what is a government by the people, for the people? Maybe we let the wealthy donors and large corporations make choices for us?

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Trump announcement

Do we really care? In his speech, he did not seem too excited by his own candidacy. The media blamed it on the teleprompter; Mr. Trump is not at his best when prompted. But here's the thing, no one thought he could win the first time. We can't ignore his appeal in the next election.

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Latest News

Meanness, Nastiness, Spitefulness, Mean-Spiritedness

What is going on with our society? An 80-year-old man gets pummeled with a hammer and people laugh? Our former president questions the veracity of the report? Congressman gleefully says we will send the spouse back home from D.C.. There is something rotten in the United States and it is smelling like the stirrings of civil conflict. I think I experience it on the highways as people manifest road rage at the smallest infraction: like my going the speed limit. Politeness, respect, understanding, commiseration, appreciation, truth, are all gone from society. Try these words instead: impolite, disrespect, disregard, ingratitude, lies. Which set supports a society to go forward and thrive?

If I put myself in the shoes of the people of the other side, that is conspiracy believers, armed men at ballot boxes, angry citizens, the January 6 insurrectionists: they believe the qualities that I am assigning to them apply actually to the left – we are mirror images of each other. These people want to close our borders to immigration, to control what is taught in our schools and libraries, to stop making them feel guilty about racism and slavery, to reassure them that their way of life will continue. How do we get past that and calm everything down?

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International News

Other Elections

Do elections around the world give us a clue of how people are thinking? In Brazil, the left-of-center Luiz Lula da Silva beat right wing Jair Bolsonaro for the presidency despite the fact that Lula was previously jailed after serving two terms as president because of a corruption scandal. Bolsonaro did not admit to his loss in this election, but he did instruct his staff to transition and told truckers to stop protesting the result. In Israel, the far-right-wing Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu returned as prime minister despite the ongoing allegations against him. Iranians are still protesting the beating death of a young woman who challenged the Morality Police for not properly wearing the hijab. Protestors are being jailed and shot at with numerous reported deaths. I am certain the protests are more than about head scarfs but truly about freedom and quality of life. So, in terms of elections, the score is 1-1. We’ll have to see how the midterms go.

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