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October Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

1792 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

1792 Small Batch Bourbon

Aroma: At 93.7 proof the aroma is alcohol forward but not unpleasantly so. For me the scent is reminiscent of tobacco, spice and vanilla.

Taste: The taste is full of spice, black pepper and vanilla.';

Appearance: The appearance is a very pleasing medium amber color.

Finish: 1792 Small Batch has a long finish. It has initial sweet and spicy taste with hints of vanilla. However, as it sits on the palate the finish becomes bitter.

Story of: 1792 Small Batch is currently distilled by Barton 1792 Distillers in Bardstown KY. The distillery has been in operation under various names and owners since 1792.

Talking Sense

Audit Results

I'll be damned: the audit showed Biden won in Arizona’s Maricopa County by an increase of 99 votes compared to the County’s original count. So, Trump lost in the county by 45,469 fewer votes than President Biden. The outcome was never in doubt because the county’s election officials had performed their own hand count and audit of their procedures. True to their employers (the Arizona GOP), the forensic auditors or Cyber Ninjas, identified several discrepancies in the voting process but concluded that Mr. Biden won in the county. The questionable voting processes are difficult to understand, and they do sound bad, but the county officials say it is all a matter of understanding the State’s legal voting rules. I won’t pretend to be able to explain any of it, instead am focusing on the bottom-line count. I do recommend that someone explain the audit gaps otherwise they will infect the trust in the system for half the population. My source of information is the website Another website, the Arizona Republican launches immediately into the questions uncovered by the audit so it’s difficult to judge the veracity of the charges. But the numbers tell the story.

More Talking Sense

Haitian Deportation

Look, all Christian (Jew, Muslim, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucius, Sikh) feel bad for the plight of the Haitians as our fellow humans. If we could accept them all into our country without strain on our own health and education systems, I’m sure we would. But this particular group of people came from mostly South America after escaping Haiti some years ago after one of their major earthquakes. They need to remain there. We have our own people to take care of including the eleven million undocumented, non-citizens, working and living in the USA. People who do a lot of our so-called dirty work, and who have been here for some time contributing to our economy and culture. Another group of people are those who suffered in multiple hurricanes over the past two seasons and the floods up north (from hurricane Ida) – they need help. Then there are the wildfires in the western part of the country. So, as cruel as it sounds, I support the current effort to deport the Haitians mustered in Del Rio. We can re-open the borders when we have a handle on our people in need. Somebody tell me in Reader Comments if I am thinking wrongly.


Increase the Debt Ceiling

A government shutdown is imminent as the debt ceiling will be reinstated at the level it is now (28.5 trillion dollars). The ceiling was suspended three times under former President Trump and so could be again as suspension avoids having to face the issue. From (9/27/2021): The debt ceiling prevents the U.S. government from honoring spending that has already occurred. Increasing or suspending the debt ceiling does not authorize new federal spending but allows the Treasury to continue to pay receipts for purchases the government made weeks or months ago. The new Federal spending comes from the annual budget which is approved once a year before October 1st. So it appears that we have a confluence of spending events including possible approval of the infrastructure bill for 1.3 trillion and the human factors bill for 3.5 trillion. Both those together will surely require another increase of the debt ceiling. To date, it has been raised 100 times. Here comes 101.

The agencies who are effected by a government shutdown are many and important. A few to give you an idea for what’s about to come: Social Security, Medicare, TSA at airports, EPA, SNAP, FDA, National Parks. Border Protection, Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Control and Power Grid Maintenance will continue. It’s beyond my comprehension of how both parties can continue to operate our government in this fashion.


Biden Agenda equals Chinese Communism?

Cal Thomas writes in his recent Opinion piece that Biden and the Democrats, Attempt(s)….to increase taxes on the wealthy, including corporations… is equivalent to President Xi Jinping’s, …Working quietly to undermine China’s economy and return to Mao Zedong’s vision for socialism. In Mr. Thomas’s calculation, such policies have historically resulted in, Millions of deaths, widespread poverty, and loss of individual freedom. He further writes that, The policies of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and, yes Donald Trump lifted many ’boats,’ encouraging initiative and hard work and thus spreading prosperity around.

But what are the facts? Does spreading the wealth cause millions of deaths and increased poverty? Why is he trying to frighten people with Biden’s agenda? Were those three presidents the best for individual prosperity and how is that measured anyway? I thought the increase to individual taxes were targeted on people making greater than $400,000. Why should we take Mr. Thomas’s statements as true – what are his sources?

According to a 2015 US News and World Report article, the presidents best for the economy as measured by average GDP growth in descending value, were: Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Eisenhower, Ford, Bush, Bush 2, and Obama last. Trump, not yet president in 2015, equaled Obama in GDP growth ( but if measured by stock market values, Trump beats all the presidents. So, what should we conclude? Strategies change as presidents change: what works one term may not work the next. But we expect our presidents to read the tea leaves and adjust to benefit all people. Biden’s agenda is an attempt to help the less well-to-do, especially the middle class. Mr. Thomas trying to frighten his readers with tales of death and poverty is unconscionable.


Roe vs Wade

Someone explain to me why vaccine mandates are anti-American; but telling women they have to carry a baby to term and raise it for a minimum 18 years is okay. Put another way: don’t tell me I have to get a vaccine, it’s my body and I’ll decide; but you women must carry a child no matter the circumstances.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Supreme Court judgement Roe versus Wade but I do know it is the law (since 1973) and has been tested many times. Why do States continue to try to whittle away at it until nothing is left? Why force women to travel to other States, one day other countries, to terminate their pregnancy if the woman decides that is best for her and the unwanted baby. If Aliens come to Earth to impregnate humans, they’re going to go to Texas where all abortions are illegal (under judgement).

No one wants to end a pregnancy and be responsible for all that it means, but it should be a personal decision and not mandated by a bunch of old men. Those who are pro-life should help with the nine months and then the eighteen years, to women who decide to carry their child. Pro-choice and pro-life should provide information on contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies – and birth control pills, day-after pills, condoms, intra-uterine devices, vasectomies, and whatever else is out there to help the male and female not be forced to make a decision like abortion.

The Supreme Court is stacked against Roe v. Wade although all of them will claim that precedence is paramount to their thought process on judgements. Is the Handmaid’s Tale just around the corner?

More Opinion

Six Frigates Revisited

I’m at the last chapter, Epilogue, of Ian W. Toll’s Six Frigate, a history of the US Navy’s early days. He is finishing his tale with the end of the War of 1812. What strikes me is that in Mr. Toll’s telling, the Republicans are hiding the truth, not admitting the reality of the war and the Treaty of Ghent that ended it with the British. Have we seen this lately?

The War of 1812 began in part because the British were impressing American citizens/sailors to serve on His Majesty’s ships. The British refused to stop and refused to free those they had taken. A ship could be at sea for 3 years with little port time and even less chance to escape. Another reason for the war appears to be the capture of merchant ships by both sides. After two or three years of naval blockades, which hurt American commerce; three or four ship to ship duels, which the Americans won against all odds; and several terrible losses against the Canadians as we tried to invade them; both sides wanted and negotiated peace.

Here’s the rub, we wanted peace so bad that we did not demand the stop of impressment and almost gave some land to the Canadians (until cooler heads prevailed). So, in terms of the reasons for the war, we didn’t accomplish anything. But the Republican administration (James Madison) positively crowed to the people about the great and glorious triumph by the United States. All soul-searching was banned.

Now I am certain there are examples where a democratic president does the same thing: revises the truth to fit his needs, but this is the one I’m reading. LBJ and the Vietnam war comes to mind. This is what I’ve learned: it doesn’t matter what party is in power, that party will show the worst of human traits and that is lie.