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October 2023 Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Whiskey

Jack Daniel\'s Old No. 7 Whiskey

Aroma: Despite being only 80 proof, the smell of alcohol overwhelms every other odor.

Taste: do not recommend for sipping but rather for mixing.

Appearance: I think it is the standard color for whiskey.

Finish: you know you have had a mouthful.

Story of: distilled in Lynchburg Tennessee.

Latest News

Careful What I Say....

The Hamas attack of the Israeli rave party and then radiating out from there is heinous. It’s hard to believe all the atrocious acts that the terrorists are accused of doing – mostly because the internet seemed to blow up with fake posts immediately thereafter. The Palestinian people have legitimate complaints about their treatment starting about 75 years ago but attacking and killing civilians is probably not the best solution. Now the Israelis want to obliterate the Gaza Strip where I believe Hamas is hiding and most Palestinians live in semblance of their own country. I don’t recall Hamas stating any goals or demands from the attack on Israel so why start a war and invite death on themselves? Is there a conspiracy lurking as the cause to all of this?

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Conspiracy Theory

Would You Believe?

Hamas attacked Israel to hide the fact that they, Hamas, and not Venezuelans had doctored the voting machines in Arizona to change the count and give the election to Biden. The CIA was close to revealing this information when the DOJ snuck money and supplies to Gaza requesting some kind of quick diversionary event to turn everyone’s attention away from the impending news reveal. Unfortunately, the DOJ lost control with Hamas killing and kidnapping hundreds of Israelis instead of something more mundane like a firework stand blowing up. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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Latest News


Cassie Hutchinson, the aide to Mark Meadows who was Trump’s last Chief of Staff at the end of his term; has written a book titled Enough. She rose to fame in her testimony to the January 6 Committee and the book provides more details to her testimony. She was interviewed by CNN – the source of my comments.

What surprised me was her frankness in admitting she wasn’t exactly forthcoming in the early days of her testimony to the committee. Her first set of lawyers told her to reply, “I can’t recall” or “I don’t recall” to the many questions concerning the days before, during and after the insurrection. She had a crisis of the spirit (my words) and realized that the path the Trump people and her were taking was wrong for the country. Cassie changed lawyers and began to relate everything, remembering everything but careful in her choice of words. This took a lot of courage because the social media trolls immediately began their threats to her and the others testifying. She could have shut up and protected the guilty but chose better. Let’s hope other more senior members of Trump’s gang do the same.

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Federal Battles


It’s not just Republicans being indicted for crimes; Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has been charged for corruption: accepting bribes to use the power of his office for three New Jersey businessmen and a lobbyist from Egypt. A search of his house turned up $400k in cash stuffed in envelopes, hidden in clothing pockets, and 13 gold bars. This is the second time that he and his wife were caught, the first time they were acquitted because of a hung jury (somebody check their bank accounts, please). The Senator will probably take a page out of Trump’s playbook and call these charges fake news, a witch hunt, a weaponized DOJ. It’s embarrassing.

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More Conspiracy


Supposedly, on social media, among those who practice the dark arts, the conspiracy theory is shared and believed, that the fires in Maui were set by a secret weapon that the US Government was testing in the hills above Lahaina. Chinese or Russian hackers are credited as the source of the theory. The shock is that people are believing the story. It’s like the Sandy Hook Conspiracy that the mass shooting was fake, or the US Government is hiding aliens in Roswell, or the Twin Towers were attacked by our own people, or that US Government doctors tested Syphilis on Black Americans. Why are people so gullible? These examples stretch credulity. Except for the fact that the last example is real and there are many more that can be cited: Hoover, Nixon, etc.

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State Battles


The Republicans are doing it to themselves. The Texas House voted in May to impeach Kevin Paxton, Texas DA, meaning that a trial would occur in the Texas Senate. Mr. Paxton was accused of bribery and abuse of office: he arranged for his mistress to get a job in Austin so that they would be close together! The trial recently concluded, and the State Senate acquitted Mr. Paxton of all charges even though the charges were brought forward by moderate Republicans and there was a litany of complaints about him. It turns out the real battle was moderate Republicans of the House wanting Paxton out against extreme right senate leaders who were behind the DA. The far right won.

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