Bourbon and Sense

...because with Bourbon comes good Sense

September Bourbon and this week's Talking Sense.

Ragged Branch Significant Bourbon Whiskey

Ragged Branch Bourbon

Aroma: the original strong scent has diminished markedly. I just poured another shot, I smell butter pecan!

Taste: Good whiskey for shooting shots - strong flavor but not harsh.

Appearance: Noticeable tint of gold or copper differentiates this bourbon. I wonder if it is the double oaked that does it?

Finish: Bit of sweetness at the back end further makes this bourbon one to drink neat and in a gulp. I have tried it multiple times.

Story of: Distilled, aged and bottled by Ragged Mountain Farm, LLC, Charlottesville, Virginia. 100 Proof.

Talking Sense

Third Booster Shot?

You have to pity all the government and health leaders, now they have to sell us on a third shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to boost the efficacy of the vaccinations. Those people are having enough trouble getting Americans to receive the initial shot, never mind a booster. I have not actually heard this, but I can imagine that the anti-VAXXERS are claiming the microchips in the vaccines are not working well, hence the additional booster. This latest push can only add fodder to their claims for anti-vaccine. But remember, we get flu shots once a year, we get all the other vaccines if we are going to travel some place exotic like Cambodia: yellow fever, tetanus, plague, and whole list of other needed vaccinations.

So, a booster should not be a surprise. Another argument I have heard is that we should not be wasting shots on the fully vaccinated, but rather be sure we have enough to vaccinate the 6 billion people worldwide who remain unprotected and therefore sources of new variants, further surges, over-subscribed hospital beds, and increasing deaths. I give some credence to that argument, but our government reassures us that we have plenty of vaccine for us and a good part of the world: we need to get those microchips into all arms! Let us start with the Taliban. Truthfully, if there is money to be made, the pharmaceuticals will provide all the vaccines that can be bought.

Please get vaccinated.

More Talking Sense

Afghanistan Denouement

OMG! Here we go again. I feel bad for the Afghans but why did their army lay down their weapons and run? I heard one US soldier say on NPR that it was the prospect of certain death either from fighting or from execution which caused the Afghan army to give up and go hide. It did not help their decision process to have their president run away. So, after twenty years of training them and outfitting them with our latest weapons, this is the best they can do? I support president Biden and former president Trump, and probably Bush and Obama in their decisions with respect to this twenty-year war. Setting a deadline to leave also makes a lot of sense. We (by that I mean Donald Trump) agreed with the Taliban on the August 31st date to get out. By sticking to that, we uphold our end of the bargain. Biden has an out because he said all Americans will be extricated no matter what the date. Time to get out and see if the Taliban are new and improved. Maybe the people will organize and resist like they did against the Russian occupation.


Arizona Audit Part Deux

It has gone quiet on the Arizona audit of the 2020 Presidential election. You’ll remember that one county in particular, Maricopa, was suspected of tampering and miscounting ballots. So, the GOP brought in some Cyber Security firm, CyFir, with no experience in auditing votes, to perform the audit. Scouring the web for information on the latest, Survival Magazine writes that a report is due to the public at the end of August on the count comparison between the County and the audit. It was also reported that the audit team will start now to verify signatures on mail-in ballots. (I thought you would need a verified signature before counting a ballot!). NPR reported that more votes remained to be counted, contrary to the magazine for Preppers report. MSN reported that the election auditors found the poll data purported by the former President to be missing. The County said it was always there; the auditors just had to know where to look. The ex-President believed the deletion of the poll data was part of the plot to deprive him of winning the election.


Six Frigates

Another history lesson where the protagonist is honest with himself and reaches the right decision. This time, the lesson comes from Ian W Toll’s book Six Frigates. It is 1804; Commodore Preble is assigned a small fleet of four ships to blockade Tripoli (~to the shores of Tripoli!~). One of his frigates, the Philadelphia has grounded and then soon after was destroyed by the Americans to prevent it from getting into Tripolitan hands. The entire crew is imprisoned, and Preble is tasked with freeing them even if a ransom is r equired. His squadron was anchored off nearby Syracuse (Sicily), helping the economy but acting, according to the author’s research, high-handed and arrogant. One Midshipman Officer boasted, We disarm their guards, and open their gates, and break their laws with impunity. The Governor of Syracuse, Gregorio, ordered the city gates closed trapping nine of Preble’s officers; his reaction is to explode and do the same to the Governor’s envoys to Preble’s ship. Then the Governor capitulates, and the Officers are free. Preble has left for Malta as the American navy men continue their behavior; Gregorio writes Preble to beg him to return. Preble realized that his manhandling of the governor had set a bad example for the younger officers. He was concerned for the reputation of the navy and its officers… Thinking beyond your own narrow view, is always the best course.